Think Your Way to Better Health


DAY 1 – CLARITYLiving with Chronic Pain can cause confusion. How do I get better? Do I need different medicine? Is my doctor right? Will I ever get better?Today I'm sharing an easy routine called START SMART. This was the first step for me to reducing my chronic pain and returning to the life I love.Here's the link to get your own START SMART copy:

Posted by Donna Kunde on Monday, December 12, 2016

Your step by step guide to creating a better life through Mindset Makeovers and belief in God’s promises.

DAY 2 – VISIONVision shows your current situation compared to your desired destination. There's a myth that we should be trying to find BALANCE. Balance means EQUAL time and attention given to things we like AND things we don't like. HARMONY allows us to add more JOY to our lives while still doing the basic things that must be done. We find vision by focusing first on broad topics and then zeroing in on what's most important by listening to our "heart of hearts." I use the Vision Casting Worksheet to find my vision.You can download your copy of the Vision Casting Worksheet here:

Posted by Donna Kunde on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

START SMART tutorial starts at 19:34 min

The History of Your Future

DAY 3 – HOPEHope allows us to dream. Without hope life is meaningless. In order to sustain hope, our dreams require Action. But action without a road map is like spinning our wheels. When we are spinning our wheels it doesn't guarantee movement and if we do move, how can we expect our life to change? How do we know we are going in the right direction? Only with a road map!HISTORY OF YOUR FUTURE WORKSHEET is your road map to find hope and a better future. You can get your download link here:

Posted by Donna Kunde on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

WHEEL OF LIFE tutorial starts at 12:52 min

HISTORY OF YOUR FUTURE tutorial starts at 13:20 min